Brain Tumour Awareness Day 1 Nov 2014

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Brain Tumours (BT) are a relatively unfamiliar medical condition in Singapore. Yet, BT is one of the more complex diseases which require delicate treatment and rigorous care. Few understand the difficult journeys of BT patients. It is for this reason that a group of BT patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals got together to establish the Brain Tumour Society (Singapore) on 5 Mar 2014. Our mission is ‘Connecting to Befriend, Enable and Empower’ BT patients and caregivers in Singapore.

One of BTSS’ objectives is to raise awareness of BTs in both children and adults. We aspire to educate the public about BTs, its occurrences, diagnosis and treatment. In addition, we want the public to better understand the care and support required by BT patients for their rehabilitation, recovery and well-being.

To fulfil this objective, BTSS has designated 1 November 2014 as Brain Tumour Awareness Day. This will be held in conjunction with the International Brain Tumour Awareness Week from 26 Oct to 1 Nov 2014.

The public can expect an exciting line-up of programs comprising:

  • Brainy Car Rally which will send convoys of Lamborghinis to spread public awareness of BT at selected pit stops around Singapore.
  • Brainy Joyride by NUS Duke which will feature sponsored joyrides in Lamborghinis for BT children patients. There will also be an educational exhibition on Paediatric Brain Tumours.