Seeking BT Patients for BTSS SURVEY

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If you are a brain tumour patient residing in Singapore or the caregiver of a brain tumour patient in Singapore, please take about 10 minutes to help BTSS in our survey.

Our study is the first in Singapore on brain tumours and its impact on patients.

The key questions we hope to answer are:

  1. What are the trends concerning brain tumours in Singapore?
  2. How do brain tumours impact patients and their families?

The information gathered through this study will guide BTSS, governmental and other relevant parties involved in the care of brain tumour patients to provide more meaningful support for brain tumour patients and their families.

Presently, as Singapore does not have an official brain tumour registry, we do not have statistics on the incidences of brain tumours and how patients and their families are impacted. Your survey inputs are therefore very important to help BTSS gain some insights into your personal and family’s situations, and guide our society’s efforts to better serve and advocate for you and our community.

For a good sample representation, we would need as many respondents from the brain tumour community to participate in this important project before the survey closes on the 30 Sep 2017.

To contribute to this important project, please click in the link below to begin.

Click here to participate in the BTSS Brain Tumour Survey