BTSS Arts Camp 2015

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by Charisse Loh

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Some very special moments were created during the art camp organized by the Brain Tumour Society of Singapore (“BTSS”) between the 17th and the 20th of June. The art camp, held at the 10 Square Arts Training Centre, was attended by the younger beneficiaries of BTSS, as well as their siblings. Through a series of fun-filled drama and visual arts classes, the day camp provided for the children a platform to forge meaningful friendships, express their creativity through performance and painting and create an environment where the children were able to freely enjoy themselves.

Though initially shy, the drama classes conducted by 10 Square instructors quickly bonded the children. During the drama lessons, they were given guidelines on how to carry themselves on stage, as well as learn various techniques they could deploy during their performance. In addition, through the many group activities and games, the children were encouraged to communicate their opinions, appreciate each other’s ideas, and learn how to work effectively in a group. Whether it was acting out a fairytale, imitating a scene at a hawker centre, or conjuring up stories of their own, the children participated in a lively manner, listening attentively and animatedly fulfilling their interesting assignments.

In the afternoons, the art camp held visual arts classes facilitated by Mr Azlan, a 10 Square teacher, and some of his students. The visual arts lessons gave the children many opportunities to express their creativity through drawing and painting. Mr Azlan prompted the children to use basic shapes to improve their drawing technique, taught them colour mixing and brushwork, and stretch their imagination by encouraging them to see common objects from a different perspective in their artwork. Under his direction, the children produced charming pieces of artwork, each accompanied by a heart-warming story.

As a finale, the children put up a performance attended by their parents themed “Friendship”. They showcased the cards to thank their friends and family, then presented their performance from their visual arts classes to express the friendships they are grateful for. One of the participants, Cheryl, said “I would like to thank BTSS for giving the other children and I the opportunity to express our thankfulness”. The performance was well-received and very meaningful to both the children, audience and volunteers.

As a volunteer helping, it was a joy to witness the children learn more about art and make precious friendships during the art camp. Throughout the camp, the children not only displayed amazing creativity and talent, but also a caring and thoughtful spirit by looking out for each other and being inclusive among their peers. We are glad that the children have enjoyed themselves during the camp as much as we did.