UPDATED: BTSS Beneficiary Employment Scheme

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Dear BTSS Family,

The BTSS committee is pleased to announce the launch of our Beneficiary Employment Scheme (BES). The primary objective of the BES is to offer flexible work opportunities to brain tumour patients and caregivers to provide an avenue for personal growth despite their brain tumour conditions. The scheme is targeted at the following category of brain tumour patients and caregivers.


  •  Lost previous jobs due to brain tumour conditions
  •  Need to recuperate
  •  Waiting for better job opportunities


  • Need to care for brain tumour patients
  • Earn some income
  • Need a break from the home environment

Suitably qualified BT patients / caregivers are invited to apply for new projects / roles under BES. Although the work arrangement is flexible, applicants must ensure that they can commit to attend meetings and seeing the projects through till 31 Oct 2018. The remuneration is $10 per hour. Closing date is 31 March 2018. Please indicate your interest by email to melissa@braintumoursociety.org.sg giving a brief introduction of yourself and your desired role.


  1. Corporate communications specialist to help in the development of BTSS corporate identify with our design partner. This entails review and enhancement of all our communication content across platforms such as website, facebook, brochures, posters, standees etc.
  2. Content development and maintenance for BTSS website and facebook etc.
  3. Publicity and Media Relations for Brainy Car Rally on 21 Oct 2018
  4. Project Manager of Brainy Car Rally. You will work closely with BTSS committee and external partners for event management, public engagement activities etc.
  5. Fund Raising Manager. You will work closely with BTSS committee to identify and pitch for individual and corporate sponsors through the Brainy Car Rally 2018 campaign.
  6. Meanwhile, we are still open to applications for a beneficiary to support us in courier and general errands.

Warm regards,