The Brainy Car Rally, 1 Nov 2014

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The Brainy Car Rally is an annual fundraising event held in conjunction with Brain Tumour Awareness Day to:

  1. Raise awareness of Brain Tumours through a fun-filled event to engage the public.
  2. Raise funds for BTSS.

The Brainy Car Rally Format

  • Supercars will congregate at a Flag Off Point to pick up BT patients and caregivers.
  • After Flag Off by GOH, the Supercars will travel in convoys to different pit stops locations in Singapore.
  • Supercars will be welcomed by our BTSS supporters and friends at the pit stops.
  • Passengers will join BTSS supporters and friends to distribute event balloons and flyers to the public.
  • Thereafter, passengers will be ferried back in the Supercars to the Flag Off point for the closing program.

Kallang Map

BTSS Fundraising Objectives

  1. Set up basic support group infrastructure such as hotline, website and BTSS information collaterals.
  2. Organise educational and awareness campaigns of Brain Tumour in Singapore: statistics, diagnosis, treatment and support required for long term care.
  3. Hire staff to oversee the set-up and running of BTSS office, as well as our projects.
  4. Collaborate with established support groups, societies, associations and VWOs to establish Day Care / Rehabilitation facilities and services for BT patients and caregivers.
  5. Collaborate with established support groups, societies, associations and VWOs to set-up home care services and support for BT patients who are home bound.
  6. Acquire an inventory of patient-care equipment that can be made available to BT patients at highly subsidised rental rates or free, if possible.
  7. Provide financial support to needy BT patients.

BTSS invites corporate sponsors and volunteers to actively support the brain tumour community through your participation in our inaugural Brainy Car Rally.

Kindly contact for more information.