BTSS President’s Christmas Message

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Dear BTSS Family,

5 March 2017 marks the 3rd anniversary of BTSS’ establishment and the crossing into our 4th year of operation. Through our Brainy Car Rally fund raising efforts for our beneficiary programmes in our earlier 3 years, we have able to continually serve our patients through:
  1. Monthly BTSS Support Group at SGH Learning Space
  2. Monthly Kids Programme at KKH
  3. Befriending and Visitation programmes
  4. BTSS Talks by Healthcare professionals
  5. BTSS Welfare Grant
  6. BTSS Bless a Beneficiary programme

Personally, it has been fulfilling to see the BTSS Support Group stabilizing with a regular core group of members who encourage, share and support each other through their individual journeys. Together, we have celebrated moments of good news and recovery; while also supporting those still walking through their valleys.

2017 is also a wonderful year of new collaboration with young people. Through the wonderful partnership of Hwa Chong Institute B.T.S team comprising five 15 year old school boys, we have also been able to offer

  • Tuition programmes for our pediatric beneficiaries
  • Social events such as the BTSS Founder’s Day visit at the NUS Natural History Museum

We also benefited tremendously from our volunteer physiotherapist Calvin who has made several home visits to our bed ridden beneficiaries.

Our last event for 2017 was our Rainbow Talent Night which celebrated the talents in our community while also raising funds for BTSS operating expenses. One of our biggest fund raiser for this project is 15 years old Celeste Chang, our pediatric beneficiary. Through a personal campaign of raising awareness through the sale of her hand-painted bags, this amazing young lady raised over $2,000.

Our 2017 mission of conducting a survey to advocate for the set up of a Brain Tumour Registry had only 45 completed responses which did not allow for meaningful conclusions. However, we are analyzing the data for possible useful insights that can be shared with our community and stakeholders. Meanwhile, we understand that the restructured hospitals are starting data collection on brain tumour statistics and are trying to see how these can be consolidated between health institutions. Thus, we are still a long way off from our objective. Although set-backs are to be expected for any worthwhile cause, we will persevere to push for this; however small our steps maybe.

Nevertheless, the engagement of patients, caregivers and volunteers in caring and supporting each other to promote the BTSS cause is, to me, the most meaningful accomplishment in 2017. Activities come and go but it is the individual’s dedication and the communal support that represents the true BTSS’ mission to connect, befriend and empower brain tumour patients and caregivers in their brain tumour journeys.

With this, I wish everyone, a most blessed christmas and the very best for the coming year ahead for each one and for BTSS. You will hear from me next year on the new programmes that we have for you in 2018.


Melissa LimĀ